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Lady Amherst's Pheasant

A terrestrial bird of mountain forests with dense patches of undergrowth. The male has a long striped tail, a white belly and black and white scales on the neck. The female is brown with black stripes and grey skin around the eye.

Golden pheasant

Shy and hard to find in the forests. The red-and-gold male is stunning. The female can be distinguished from the common pheasant by its heavily barred plumage and dull pink legs and feet.

Silver pheasant

A large and spectacular pheasant found in forested areas. The male has a long tail and white or silver-grey upperparts with a black crest, breast and belly. The female has brown plumage on the upperparts.


White peacock

The white peacock is a colour mutation of the Indian blue peacock. It can be found in the wild in India. These birds are completely white with blue eyes.

Opal peacock

The opal peacock is notable for its darker grey neck with reflections resembling the colour of opal gemstones.


Rainbow Lorikeet

A very common species in Australia. They have extraordinary multicolored plumage, the colours of which can vary according to the numerous species and subspecies.

Omnicoloured parakeet

A fascinating species thanks to its exceptional plumage. The male has a scarlet colour on the head, neck and bib. The female is more matt, with a scaly area on the back of the neck.

The Calopsitte albino

This is a species of Australian bird. With a size similar to that of a small pigeon, the calopsitte is an ideal pet bird.

Ring-necked parakeet

This is a large bird with a long tail, a red beak and a pink and black ring around its face and neck. In flight, it has pointed wings, a long tail and a very regular, direct flight.


The largest and heaviest living bird. It used to be called the "camel bird" because of its long neck, large eyes and eyelashes, and athletic stance.

Fayoumi chicken

A breed originally from Fayoum in Egypt. Known for their exotic beauty, incredible resistance to disease, early maturity and unrivalled foraging skills.

Brahma chicken

The Brahma is a massive chicken. Despite their size and intimidating appearance, they are gentle giants.

Ayam cemani chicken

A species that lives on a small island in Indonesia. This is a true black bird, and as you can imagine, it is associated with the dark arts, especially in its own country, Indonesia.

Serama chicken

This species has an incredibly striking appearance, they are quite small and considered by many to be the smallest breed of chicken in the world (between 15 and 25 cm in height).

The goose

A heavy-bodied waterfowl, between the size and build of large ducks and swans. Both sexes have the same colouring, but males are generally larger than females.

The duck

A species of small aquatic bird with a short neck and broad beak. They have a compact body for good swimming and their legs are set well back from their body, making them clumsy on land but more powerful in the water.

The zebra finch

This bird owes its name to the zebra stripes that run across its neck, chest and black-and-white striped tail. The male is grey with a black tear in his eye, bright red cheek patches and a bright red bill when mature. The female is more muted in colour, with a paler orange bill.

The Japanese Sparrow

A bird of the passerine family with a rich chestnut crown and nape and pure white cheeks with a black patch. Both sexes have similar plumage, and young birds are a duller version of the adult.

The Gould's Diamond

The Gould's Diamond is one of the most beautiful species of domestic bird. It is a brilliant, multicolored bird with brilliant plumage.

The Java Padda

A small, pot-bellied finch with a thick pink beak. The black head and white cheek patch are distinctive. Juveniles have a similar but greyer colouration.

The Canary

The male has bright yellow underparts, yellow-green upperparts and a distinct facial pattern. The female is a dull grey-brown with streaked underparts, yellowish wing feather margins and a yellow rump.

California Quail

A small bird with obvious teardrop-shaped feathers protruding from its forehead. Males have a black face and a longer, curlier crest than females. Its frequent three-note call can be heard over long distances.


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